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tbh’s acne cream is a scientific and targeted approach to ridding your skin of breakout causing bacteria.

the cream is formulated with a patented technology that facilitates the destruction of the extracellular matrix that protects biofilm - where all of the key breakout causing bacteria in your skin live!

what is biofilm?

it's not too complicated...
but to help you out weve made some fun diagram to explain the process.

Biofilms on your skin form when C.acnes (the acne causing bacteria) adhere to the surface of your skin and begin to reproduce.

As the bacteria reproduces it forms a biofilm (or a colony of bacteria)

C. Acnes create a slimy, glue-like substance in order to adhere to your skin. The biofilm (community of bacteria) are held together by this slime - which in technical terms is known as“extracellular polymeric substances” or EPS.

C.acnes bacteria that come into contact with your skin continue to join these colonies, becoming attached via the EPS. The EPS protects this bacteria from attack and allows the bacteria to be resistant to traditional topical treatments.

Biofilm blocks topical agents currently on the market, protecting bacteria within its structure. This makes acne extremely hard to treat long term through existing topical treatments.

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