about the #science

Of the available off the shelve topical treatments, zero solve the issue of biofilm based infections

90% of bacteria are found in a biofilm!

We're different! tbh’s Skincare is a scientific and targeted approach to ridding your skin of breakout causing bacteria.

Our patented XBIO™ technology is the only non-toxic solution to deconstruct the bacteria’s protective barrier.

Is tbh Skincare right for you?

Here's the amount of time we recommend you use tbh skincare in order to see results by grade of acne.

Simple starter routine

Cleanse (AM + PM)

  • Reduces blackheads
  • Won't dry or strip your skin or bleach your towels
  • Your skin will feel softer and less textured

Treat (PM)

  • Relieves inflammation
  • Reduces redness
  • Makes breakouts less painful
  • Speeds up healing time
  • Prevents new breakouts from appearing
  • Won't stain your towels.

Moisturise (AM/PM)

  • Non greasy
  • Doesn't aggravate future breakouts
  • Prevents sunburn & premature ageing
  • Reduces post breakout pigmentation