bye bye breakouts

scientifically backed, biofilm hack

bye bye breakouts

scientifically backed, biofilm hack

"Everything you need to know about the acne-fighting brand that cleared Abbie Chatfield’s Skin."

"this Aussie skincare brand will single handedly save your iso skin."

"SPF for breakout-prone skin can be a hard sell, but this new launch from acne-specific TBH Skincare is pretty close to perfect."

"Young woman, 24, sells almost $800,000 worth of product in 18 months after launching a 'miracle' skincare range"

“If you suffer from acne, you have to see the before-and-after
photos from this new Aussie brand”

"in line with its secondary name, 'to be honest', the brand doesn’t photoshop its models or test on animals."

"the major difference is tbh skincare’s technology physically breaks down the protective biofilm layers to expose acne bacteria."

"I’ve been using it every day for about a month and I’m seriously impressed. I have hormonal acne and so far this is the only thing to have helped!"

"It won’t leave your skin greasy, congested or cloaked in white cast, just hydrated, protected and happy."

"from hospital to skin health tbh skincare sees 60% sales growth of it ‘world first’ acne product."


why should i care about biofilm?

breakdown of biofilm

Biofilms make bacteria stronger and more resistant to attack. Our patented technology is able to break through biolfilm’s protective layer known as EPS.

better access to pores

While approximately 10% of bacteria are free floating, the remaining 90% naturally form colonies called biofilms

long lasting results

The patented technology fights against the recurrence of biofilm by up to 100x. The sodium dihydrate in the product prevents the biofilm from reoccurring.

real results.

your reviews.

60 day guarantee

on our boujee bundles.

If your skin said ‘not for me hun’
don’t can get your money back

  • Take photos before you start your tbh treatment!
  • Take photos biweekly to track your progress with the products
  • Use the products for a minimum of 60 days (if you have concerns before this just send us an email, we are more than happy to answer your questions or concerns)
  • Send time stamped images to hello@tbhskincare.comif you want to claim our 60 day guarantee

*Please note: refunds on boujee bundles are valued at $65 to represent the value of the cleanser and the cream. We are unable to return or refund face brushes.

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brand values.


Unlike your tinder bio, we don't lie! We are real and want to create a space that allows everyone to embrace their true authentic selves.

cruelty free

We love animals just as much as you love your instagram filter. Our product is not tested on any floofy creatures.


Remember that plastic straw you drank out of last weekend? Tut, tut. You don't need to feel gulity when using our product. All of our outer packing is sustainable.

aussie born & bred

Betoota, Budgies, The Big Banana. Yep, I don't think we need to explain this one.


  • Is it safe for pregnant women?
    • Yes, tbh products are baby bump friendly! You can find our ingredients list under the ‘What’s inside’ section on each of our product pages. If you are concerned about any specific ingredients, please consult your health care professional before use.
  • Is the acne hack cream a moisturiser?
    • No, this product is not a moisturiser, but rather a topical treatment for the skin. We recommend keeping up a regular moisturiser as part of your daily routine alongside this product. Moisturisers should be applied over the top of the cream (after the cream has soaked into the skin).
  • Will the acne hack cream dry out my skin?
    • No, the acne hack cream should not dry out your skin. The Isopropyl Alcohol used in this product, which can be considered as a drying ingredient is balanced very specifically with other ingredients in this formula to ensure it does not strip or dry the skin. If you want to know more about this, we have an entire blog here with the deets!
  • Should I be worried about alcohol in the acne hack cream?
    • No, our chemists have crafted this formula very carefully to make sure they can get the most out of Isopropyl Alcohol’s antimicrobial efficacy without drying or stripping your skin! If you want to know more, we have an entire blog here with the deets!
  • Are the products vegan friendly and cruelty free?
    • YES, absolutely! We love a floofy friends, and we really don’t think they need tbh products anyways… NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and no animal products used!
  • How quickly will I see results?
    • This depends on what type of acne you are experiencing, and what skin type you have. To find out what category your sit in (and what results you can expect) take our skin quiz!
  • Can I incorporate this into my current routine?
    • We recommend: 1. Cleansing twice a day (morning and night) 2. Applying skin shady 50+ as the last step of your skincare routine every morning 3. Using our acne hack cream on active breakouts every night before bed
  • Should I continue with a moisturiser whilst using the acne hack cream?
    • Yes! The acne hack cream is not a moisturiser itself, it is more of a topical treatment. This means you should keep up a regular hydration routine. Moisturiser should be applied over the top of the acne hack cream after it has had time to properly soak into the skin.