Summer is just around the corner bestie and there’s so much to look forward to… longer days, warmer nights, ocean swims and so much more! 

With the seasonal change, our skin can also experience changes as well. The transition from spring to summer sees higher rates of humidity and increased temperatures. Our skin goes through an adjustment period as it gets used to the new seasonal conditions, and often at this time of year we’ll see an increase in oil production from our sebaceous glands. 

While so many of us dread having to get the powder out more frequently to blot away the excess oil production, don’t forget that oily skin also has its benefits. You can read more about that here

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How to help oily skin in the summer?

Hot and sticky weather is inevitably going to make our bodies sweat more, which in turn will increase our sebum (oil) production. This can mean oilier than usual skin, but don't stress, this is, completely normal and not something to stress about! Did you know that sweat is actually your body's way of keeping cool and regulating the body's temperature naturally? So, your body is just doing its best to keep you cool and healthy! 

There are a few tips and tricks to include in your skincare routine that will make the seasonal adjustment, and its impact on your skin, just that little bit easier. Here are a few skincare tips for oily skin during summer: 

1. Switch to a lighter moisturiser 

    Instead of skipping moisturiser (which is a big no-no for oily skin), try swapping out any heavier moisturisers you may have been using in winter for a lighter option to avoid excess moisture and potential congestion as a result. 

    2. Add in an exfoliant 

      Introducing an exfoliant to your routine 2-3 times per week helps to free the skin from unwanted congestion that clogs your pores. Keep in mind not to over-exfoliate your skin as this can lead to an impaired skin barrier which may lead to more oil production and even breakouts! Not what we are after here!

      3. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

        I cannot stress this enough, no matter the condition of your skin, SPF should be applied and reapplied everyday bestie. This is a non-negotiable! The skin shady SPF50+ is suited to oily, breakout-prone skin, it's oil-free and non-greasy, doesn't leave a white cast, and sits amazingly underneath makeup. So no more excuses because sunscreen doesn’t agree with your breakout prone skin. Skin shady 50+ is the answer to your problems and was named the best SPF for acne prone skin by the Sydney Morning Herald here

        How to avoid dry skin in summer?

        All skin reacts differently in contrasting climates, some people may go oilier in summer while others may go dry. To try and avoid your skin drying out during summer it is suggested to limit sun exposure and always apply SPF, as getting sunburnt is a sure way to dry out and damage your skin. 

        Unsurprisingly, we also sweat a lot more during summer as it's hotter (duh). So, making sure to keep on top of your water intake is key to ensuring our hydration levels are staying high. For more on the benefits that upping your water intake can bring read here

        Hot tip: use a time-tracking water bottle to keep track of your intake and remind yourself of how much water you should be drinking throughout the day. 

        Another reason for your skin being drier than usual in the hotter months is due to our subsequent increased time in air conditioning. Making sure to not spend too much time in air-conditioned rooms can also make a major difference in the hydration levels of the skin. Air- conditioners can impact the way that water is locked into the skin so, constantly being in air-conditioned climates can  dry out the skin and also irritate your skin’s barrier! 

        Excess amounts of chlorine can also dry out the skin, as it alters the natural pH levels in the skin, so, maybe opt for some more ocean swims instead of the local pool. Otherwise, be sure to rinse off as soon as you can after coming out of a chlorine pool!

        skincare, summer, acne, summer skincare, oily skin, dry skin

        How to moisturise dry skin in summer?

        Sometimes after laying in the sun for too long without proper protection (tsk-tsk) or swimming in a pool full of chlorine we can find that our skin becomes quite dry. To help increase hydration, without clogging our pores or making ourselves uncomfortably greasy, here are a few tips:

        1. Slip, slop, slap

          Nip sunburn in the bud and stop it before it starts. It’s about prevention, not treatment bestie!To make things easy, remember the classic slip, slop slap: slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen (at least ¼ of a teaspoon), and slap on a hat. To do anything else would be a crime! 

          2. Moisturiser 

            This one is pretty straightforward. The best way to keep your skin hydrated is to give it a regular helping hand. Like all living systems, skin needs water to function. There’s a name for water loss from skin – Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, and studies suggest that acne-affected skin loses water at a faster rate. It’s important to make sure your skin stays hydrated through the warmer months. Thirst trap is a simple daily moisturiser that's lightweight and hydrating at the same time! And it will stop that water loss from your skin too. 

            3. Add in a serum for extra benefits 

              During the summer months, if your skin is exposed to higher amounts of sunshine, your skin’s barrier can be damaged by the sun’s UV radiation.This can leave your skin feeling itchy, dry, bumpy and at worst, peeling (yikes).  To protect your skin’s natural barrier, we would recommend  introducing our rebound serum into your daily routine. This magic potion hydrates & smooths the skin's texture, calms angry skin, visibly reduces redness, and supports your skin’s natural barrier function. 

              How to protect your skin from the sun in summer?

              You’re probably sick of hearing it but, SPF DAILY BESTIE!! Not only do we want to protect our beautiful skin from skin cancer and melanoma but, sun damage is actually one of the biggest causes of fine lines and wrinkles. 

              Wearing protective clothing is also going to provide protection from the increased  UV rays during summertime. Making sure to cover up while at the beach when not in the water is an easy way to limit the exposure of your skin, and wearing a t-shirt instead of a singlet will keep your shoulders from getting burnt also!

              Don’t forget that our scalp is an often-forgotten area that is very regularly exposed to the sun. For this reason, wearing a hat or even applying SPF to your hairline when spending excessive amounts of time in the sun is a good idea. 

              To read about finding the best SPF for your skin type, read here

              Why does your skin break out in summer?

              Breaking out in summer can be a result of a combination of both the increased temperature as well as the humidity. Obviously, with the heat, we sweat more, and again, sweat increases our sebum (oil) production. When the skin's oil production increases, our pores can become clogged, and clogged pores are the perfect recipe to a flare up when it comes to breakouts. 

              How to keep your skin glowing in summer?

              To keep your skin glowing all throughout summer it’s a good idea to simplify your routine. You don’t want too many heavy layers sitting on top of your skin while you're sweating in the heat. Stripping back your routine to the basics, can help to prevent clogged pores.  It’s also important to ensure you're keeping yourself hydrated, cleansing your skin properly, and protecting yourself from the sun. 

              Taking care of your skin during summer is actually quite a simple task and doesn’t need to take too much time away from your bottomless brunch bestie!  There’s no need to overcomplicate it! Make sure you’re applying your SPF, drinking your water, staying in the shade, and most of all, making the most of hot girl summer!

              skincare, summer, acne, summer skincare, oily skin, dry skin