In the last 12 months pimple patches have skyrocketed in popularity. Social media posts touching on pimple patches have also increased 93% over the last year. What are these little miracle workers, are pimple patches effective and why do they have everyone hooked?

What is a pimple patch? 

Essentially, pimple patches are cute little stickers that sit on top of a blemish. They stem from hydrocolloid bandages, which have been traditionally used within the medical field to draw out fluid from wounds while retaining moisture, which in turn speeds up the healing process. And the effectiveness of the hydrocolloid patch doesn’t stop at wound care…they’re also super helpful when it comes to treating pimples. Not only are they key in drawing out pus and speeding up the healing process, they also help keep your hands away from problem areas to minimise the spread of bacteria. Basically, they are your absolute bestie when dealing with a flare up.

Pimple patches, acne, skincare, how to use a pimple patch

How to use pimple patch

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

Grab your favourite cleanser and wash your face or the affected area as usual. If you’re struggling with breakouts, you may want to reach for your Anti-bacterial cleanser, the go-to cleanser for fighting breakout causing bacteria and removing congestion. 

For more information on how to properly use a cleanser read here

Step 2: Apply your daily go-to products

Go ahead and apply your favourite products. If you are struggling with a breakout, you can apply your trusty acne hack cream as a spot treatment as a first step. Make sure you let this sit to soak in for about 5 minutes before applying any other products over the top. If you are struggling with redness or sensitivity you may want to apply something that will soothe and help to repair the skin's barrier like our Rebound Serum and then you always want to make sure you keep up your daily moisturiser or SPF. The tbh Thirst Trap Moisturiser is a great option for oily skin types, and our Skin Shady SPF50+ is a great non comedogenic and non greasy SPF suited to breakout prone skin.

Step 3: Allow the products to soak in 

After you’ve completed the prior steps of your routine, relax for a few minutes bestie. Watch a few Tik Toks while you give your other products time to soak in and work their magic. If you go straight in and apply a pimple patch on top of fresh product, it won’t be able to stick as well as it is supposed to and can slide off your skin. 

Step 4: Wash your hands bestie

Before applying the pimple patch, make sure to wash your hands, especially if you’ve just been touching your dirty phone. We definitely don’t want to be trapping any bacteria in the little safe space we’re making for our pimples to heal. 

Step 5: Decide which pimple patch to use 

If it’s night, you may want to surprise your partner by glowing in the dark and using our heart shaped Patch It Up- glow in the dark pimple patches. Or, if it’s day time and you're after something a little bit more discrete, and you want the treatment ingredients within the hydrocolloid patch for that extra kick, our Patch It Up - everyday patches will do just the trick!

Pimple patches, acne, skincare, how to use a pimple patch

Step 6: Apply the pimple patch (YAY) 

The step we’ve all been waiting for. Peel the patch off the sheet and place it directly on top of the pimple and make sure it is secure.

Step 7: Let the magic happen

The recommended amount of time to leave pimple patches on for is a minimum of 6 hours.

Keep in mind, we recommend applying pimple patches at night just before you go to bed and keeping them on overnight. However, if you want to apply them throughout the day to keep your hands from picking, this works great as well! 

Still got questions?

They seem too good to be true right? This simple, yet effective form of skincare does seem to leave people with alot of questions thinking that it’s all smoke and mirrors, don’t worry bestie, we’re here to help!

Can you put a pimple patch on a cold sore?

For treatment of a cold sore, we would recommend against applying a pimple patch as some of the ingredients could cause further irritation. It is best to speak to a healthcare professional for advice on this. 

Can you put a pimple patch on a popped pimple?

Simple answer, yes! Make sure the area has been cleaned and is dry prior to the application of the patch, this helps with it staying on. 

Can pimple patches remove blackheads?

Pimple patches work best on breakouts that are closer to the skin's surface so they may not help with blackheads however, they will help you to not pick at the spot and keep bacteria away, so if you feel yourself being tempted to attack your skin, stick it, don’t pick it!

Pimple patches, acne, skincare, how to use a pimple patch

Can you reuse pimple patches?

No, after you’ve used a pimple patch, it'll be filled with all the oil and pus that has been drawn out from the breakout, you’ll want to discard the used patches and grab a new fresh one to apply. 

Can you wear pimple patches overnight?

Yes! We recommend applying pimple patches at night just before you go to bed and keeping them on overnight for the best results.

Do pimple patches help blind pimples?

While pimple patches are great for healing breakouts that sit right on top of the skin, they aren’t as effective on spots that sit further under the skin. Lucky for you, we’ve covered the best way to treat blind pimples in our blog here

Do pimple patches work on whiteheads?

Yes, if you’ve got a whitehead, you're in luck bestie! Whiteheads are prime real estate for pimple patches!

How long can you keep a pimple patch on?

We recommend leaving your pimple patch on for a minimum of 6 hours and they can be the most effective for up to 12 hours. After this point, you may want to switch out to a fresh patch for the best results!

Can you put makeup over a pimple patch?

Yes, you can definitely apply makeup over a pimple patch. If you're wanting to get glam and keep the make up away from a breakout, popping on a pimple patch is a great way to do this!

If you're still not convinced on pimple patches (which is kind of impossible at this point) you can check out our other article on whether or not they are worth the hype here or check out the reviews for yourselves here.

Pimple patches, acne, skincare, how to use a pimple patch