She’s hydrating, she’s lightweight, and she definitely ain’t no busta. Introducing no scrubs — the latest addition to the tbh skincare range. The lab’s been hard at work cooking this baby up, and it’s the peachy treat that your skin deserves. 

jelly cleanser on top of orange jelly cake with blue background

Why did we create no scrubs?

This is what co-founder Rachael Wilde had to say about creating no scrubs. “My first choice was to reach for a micellar water, but I really disliked using cotton pads and was always too lazy to regularly wash reusable cleansing pads. When I went looking for other alternatives in the form of cleansing balms I found a lot of them too waxy or too oily for my skin type.” 

What does no scrubs do?

A hydrating jelly to a nourishing, milky cleanser, no scrubs has a unique texture that easily melts the day away, effortlessly rinsing off makeup, dirt, pollutants and all the other gunk in your trunk without stripping your skin or drying it out. Ready to become your nightly cleansing BFF, no scrubs has a hard-working, skin-loving formula free of harsh surfactants, formulated to neutral pH levels.

While no scrubs is oil-based, it won’t leave your skin feeling tight, with a formula focused on keeping that precious skin barrier soft and hydrated. Don’t be thrown off by the ~ oil ~ word, because in true tbh style, we’ve tailored this for breakout-prone skin using an MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil which means it’s lightweight and non-greasy.

We wanted to create a gentle PM cleanser with a skin-scrumptious feel that perfectly accompanies your already-loved tbh goodies. Get ready to milk the benefits of this transformative cleanser!

Jelly cleanser swatch

How to use no scrubs and where does it fit into your PM routine?


The first step in your nightly cleansing routine! Use our no scrubs jelly cleanser to remove makeup, SPF or daily grime whilst softly singing to yourself "I don't think you're ready for this jelly". Use 2-3 pumps of jelly cleanser and apply directly to your face. Then, add water to your hands to turn the jelly into a milky cleanser. Work into skin for 30 seconds.

Depending on your skin type follow with our anti-bacterial or gentle cleanser to keep congestion and unwanted bacteria at bay. 


Next up, apply our rebound serum for barrier support. 


As a final step in your PM routine add a dose of hydration with our thirst trap moisturiser.

You can shop no scrubs here or in our PM bundle.

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