If you are anything like me and you spend your nights aimlessly scrolling through TikTok for beauty and skincare hacks, then you have probably come across 'slugging’ too!

‘Slugging' is the latest skincare fad which involves lathering your pre-moisturised face with Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) to seal in moisture overnight…

What does slugging mean?

Slugging is essentially an intense form of moisturising. It is used as the final step of your evening regimen to prevent transepidermal water loss. The jelly balm coats your pores in a slimy layer, making your face appear shiny and slimy, kinda like a slug.... I thought it was a sick joke at first too!

How to slug?

  1. Stick to your regular skincare regimen, but leave out any spot treatments or face oils.
  2. While your skin is still somewhat moist from the products, apply a pea-sized amount of Vaseline on it. PSA: I know in some cases it might seem better to lather things on, such as Nutella on a sandwich, but you DO NOT need a heavy layer like the TikToks you may have seen. Less is more in this case!
  3. Cleanse your skin in the morning to remove any excess Vaseline.

Is slugging good for all skin types?

No. Consider slugging a major ick and red flag if you are someone with oily or acne prone skin! Not only can it clog pores but it can also cause more irritation... Instead, we recommended opting for a moisturiser or a serum that's filled with barrier-repairing ingredients that doesn't simultaneously clog your pores. Just like our rebound serum...think oil free products with hydrating ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

Slugging benefits

The benefits of slugging are said to be 

  • Moisturised and glowing skin
  • Healthier skin
  • Repaired skin barrier
  • Locking in other products
  • Decreased appearance of wrinkles

But we will be the judge of that...

The review you all have been waiting for

You know how there are certain things that just feel illegal but aren't, such as turning the light on in your car whilst driving, walking into a grocery store and not buying anything, or going through airport security (the list could go on)…Well that is what the concept of slugging felt like to me the first time I tried it!

I LOVE going to bed with a nice fresh and clean face, as I am sure many of you do as well. Even though I had applied a pea sized amount I will in fact admit I struggled with the thought of vaseline getting all over my pillow and expensive linen sheets. Not to mention I had the worst sleep ever because I had to sleep lying straight on my back, I don't know how sleeping beauty made it look so easy...

(Oh and incase your wondering, it did get all over my sheets and pillowcase. I don't want to talk about it)

The morning after slugging I must say, my face did feel slightly softer, however I did happen to notice some small breakouts on my chin ahhhhhhh. Now, that could’ve been because I ate a bag of Maltesers, but I don’t usually get pimples unless it’s around the time of my period and I have heard horror stories on TikTok where slugging made them break out which I was trying to avoid at all costs! 

Fast forward a week into slugging I have come to conclude this little experiment and provide my results. Slugging is not for everyone and that is okay…. Some like to slug before bed and leave men on read and others such as myself would rather use their own tears as a daily moisturiser.

I also think if you're someone who doesn’t like having slimy things on your face like me, call it a sensory issue if you will, but I think you could opt out of this TikTok trend, ESPECIALLY if you have oily and/or acne prone skin!


We asked you guys what your thoughts on slugging were and we can definitely say it was divided....

"Skin is fantastic after"

"Feels uncomfortable, especially to go to bed with a wet face"

"I do this and it's a massive game changer"

"Sounds like my literal nightmare"

"YES AND LOVE! Seals in moisture, makes skin care work harder"