Isn’t it such a gorgeous time of year? Every day is longer and warmer than the last, the magnolias are blooming, there’s joy everywhere. I love the springtime and I’ve missed it! But let me refresh your memory about your skin during the change of seasons – it’s prime time for skin to freak out.

Our skin is responsive to heat, humidity, pollen, and we produce more oil in warmer weather. We’re also outside more, exposed to heat and air pollution, and sometimes that can show on our faces. Today we’re talking through your skin’s emergency toolkit, to help you spend more time enjoying your sunshine-y lifestyle and less time stressing. Shall we?

Problem 1: more oil, more breakouts

Breakouts have several contributing factors; there’s excess oil, of course, and clogged pores, then there’s acne bacteria and inflammation (i.e redness, angry skin, etc). That extra oil might bring extra breakouts, but there’s a simple fix. Use a breakout-prevention cleanser several times per week and especially after exercise or mask-wearing. This will help resolve existing blemishes while targeting the cause of new ones – problem solved. Might I suggest the TBH Antibacterial Cleanser?

Problem 2: stressed-out skin from sun, sea, and sand

The UV index is lower during winter, giving our skin a much-needed break from UV-induced stress and damage. Things like redness, dark spots, dullness, and even fine lines and wrinkles are all (no) thanks to UV, and right now it’s back with a vengeance. The first thing to do is recommit to your SPF, whether you’ve been diligent all winter or taken a few too many days off. If you’re not comfortable reapplying, start practicing today – even reapplying just once throughout the day makes a difference. The tbh Skin Shady SPF50+ is a great choice, and we have suggestions for many more right here.

Problem 3: pollen

Ugh. Allergy season. If you know, you know. I’m all too familiar with the itchy, red, puffy skin, and all the sneezing, thanks to the way my body reacts to… basically existing this time of year. Lots of dilating blood vessels and signalling to create swelling and itch. Whilst it’s definitely time to visit the GP or pharmacy, you can help your skin to resist by keeping its barrier supported – half the battle is preventing pollen from travelling too far into your skin. Your skin’s barrier is there to do exactly that! The best ingredients for barrier support are skin-identical ceramides, glycerin, cholesterol and hyaluronic acid. You can also look for calming ingredients like panthenol, niacinamide, centella, green tea and oat. They’ll all work together to hydrate, calm, and strengthen your skin and they’re all present in tbh Rebound Serum. What a coincidence. It’s almost like we designed it that way (we absolutely did).
Oh, and try not to scratch an itch. It just creates more itching signals.

Now that you have your skincare sorted, it’s time to sort your wardrobe and live your best life! I hope to see you staying sun smart in cute sunglasses and hats. You got this besties.