Okay, so…you’ve gone against all advice EVER and popped a pimple!!! We don’t blame you, it's natural instinct to want to pick and prod at every imperfection on your face.

We've all done it before, wether we'd like to admit it or not. However, you're probably feeling huge amounts of regret and now looking for ways to avoid further inflammation and scarring!

You’ve just committed a major violation against the skincare police and now it's time to assess the crime scene...

Keep away from the location of the crime
Step away from the mirror and resist the urge to create further damage. If you keep going, you’ll probably just be creating more issues for your skin further down the track.  

Clean up the crime scene 
Firstly, wash your hands to ensure they are spotless before engaging in any clean up. Grab your favourite anti-bacterial cleanser to clean the area and get rid of any further bacteria spreading to other parts of your face… we don’t want this one mistake to set us off track besties.

Damage control
After the spot is now clean and dry apply the acne hack cream to the affected area and allow it to soak into your skin and work its magic. 

Survey the consequences
If the area appears red or swollen, applying ice to the spot will help in reducing inflammation and cool down the area after committing the crime, giving the criminal some relief from the regret they are feeling while on the run from the skincare police. 

Covering your tracks
If you're wanting to not get caught for this horrendous crime you’ve just committed. It's a good idea to apply a pimple patch- this will help keep your hands away from the crime scene, avoid further damage and start the healing process. 

Jail time
Now that you've been caught by the skincare police it's time to let your skin heal while you face your punishment… 2 weeks with a red spot on your face. There are things you can do however to reduce your sentencing (which includes good behaviour of no more pimple popping). Apply your rebound serum to help speed up your recovery (aka your time spent in jail). 

In the meantime while you're completing your sentence and wanting to cover up your crimes from the world, let's look at how you can cover your pimple! 

Firstly, you're going to want a good camouflaging concealer, we suggest M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer

Gently, using your preferred concealer brush or makeup sponge, start blending the concealer out, try not to apply too much pressure to the pimple itself and focus more on the area surrounding it. 

Then take your favourite powder (loose powder works best in this situation!), we suggest the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder and tap a light layer over the top to set the concealer in place. You can then proceed with your usual makeup routine and you’ll be good to go.

Good luck trying to evade the law next time bestie but, incase you get caught again, we'll always be here to help!