1L time tracking bottle
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We all know staying well hydrated plays a key role in keeping your skin clear. With the times of the day listed on our tbh water bottle, you will be able to track your water consumption throughout the day, making sure you stay on top of your hydration. 

Water bottle is 1L. BPA free. 

patch it up - everyday patches
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Hydrocolloid pimple patches formulated with key breakout fighting ingredients! These patches gently absorb excess fluids, like pus and oil, from your pimple while also protecting the wound.

Prevent scarring and speed up healing time by sticking instead of picking. 

'sorry, I'm busy' terry cloth headband
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today's agenda: 

1. make plans

2. cancel plans

3. apply all the skincare products you can find in your beauty cabinet


All good skincare routines start with the application of a terry towel headband... 

It's time to pimp your AM and PM routine! This little goodie will keep your hair off your face and totally make you feel like you are winning at life. 


Dimensions: 60cm x 8.5cm

Made from Terry Cloth

gentle cleanser
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The effectiveness of tbh’s gentle cleanser comes from its specially formulated combination of both cleansing and conditioning agents, to not only clean your skin, but leave it feeling silky smooth too! 
tbh mirror decal
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tbh, you DO look really cute today! 

You guys know how important it is to include positive affirmations in your day (because we have already told you a million times)...but we figured we would give you the perfect daily reminder anyway, *cue cute mirror decals*. Now you'll have your daily reminder that you are POPPIN, staring right back at your in the mirror. 

BRB, I am busy plastering mine to every reflective surface I can find in my house. 

Dimensions: 18cm wide x 9cm high

PS. They are really easy to apply.