skin shady 50+
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Worried about your skin reacting to this product? Select the option above to have a sample included in your order for just an extra $2! This way you can try the formula before opening your skin shady 50+, and in the case that your skin reacts to the product, you can return your unopened skin shady 50+ for a full refund.

skin shady 50+ is a broad spectrum SPF that provides defence against both UVA and UVB rays. This lightweight and oil free formula dries down to a matte finish with no white cast and greasy texture. Containing Glycerin, Alkyl Benzoate and Vitamin E, this product also doubles as a moisturiser. YES PLEASE! 

thirst trap moisturiser
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thirst trap was designed to be a companion to the acne hack cream. It is best used on combination to oily skin, or as a lightweight option in warmer months for those with dry skin. This moisturiser doesn’t overcomplicate things, meaning it doesn’t try and sneak in an exfoliant or a retinol… it is there to support and replenish your skin and complement the hero ingredients of your other skincare products.

hydration bundle
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Like all living systems, skin needs water to function. There’s a name for water loss from skin – Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, and studies suggest that acne-affected skin loses water at a faster rate.

This bundle brings you our two best products for making sure you get that necessary hydration in - skin shady 50+ and thirst trap.


extra boujee bundle
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Break UP with your breakOUTS...

This bundle is maximum bang for your buck containing our entire range AND saving you $33!

the queen bee bundle
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It takes three to spill the tea! All main characters in their own right, this trio of trouble knows just how to keep your skin ohhhh so happy.