about #tbh

acne is so much more than a battle with your skin, and we are here to help you fight it!

we know no one likes having pimples, but did you realise how
widespread acne’s impact on a person’s quality of life is?

did you know?

people suffering from acne are at a 63% higher risk of developing major depression within the first year of developing symptoms, compared with individuals without acne.

- The British Journal of Dermatology

tbh has been created to not only bring you a new patented technology in its hero products, but is driven by the passion of its people to help young people across the globe get through this truly challenging time of their lives.

The tbh Skincare routine uses a patented technology to provide a new-age approach for acne-prone skin, free from benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, whilst also providing a supportive and safe space to get you through the treatment process.

Brand Values


At tbh we do our best to make sure we don't harm the planet whilst delivering you awesome skincare. We use tubes made out of sugarcane that have a lower carbon footprint and even own a plot of 1,500 pine trees to offset our emissions!

aussie born & bred

Budgy Smugglers, Betoota, The Big Banana... yep, I don't have to explain this one.


Unlike your tinder bio, we don't lie! We are real and want to create a space that allows everyone to embrace their true authentic selves.

Where it all begun!

tbh Skincare set out on a mission to understand, empathise with, and solve their customers' problems. And whilst the treatment of acne may appear to be a clinical problem to solve, co-founder Rachael understood that the challenges surrounding acne went way below the surface of her customer's skin.

tbh's mission is a deeply personal one to Rachael, having suffered her own 13 year long battle with acne. Rachael describes tbh as being the ultimate confidant for the breakout prone customer, where tbh ensures a new scientific approach translates into products that fulfil the core needs and wants of their customer group.