Non inflammatory acne includes whiteheads and blackheads and is the least severe category when it comes to classifying acne. The majority of whiteheads and blackheads are caused by clogged pores, likely due to excess oil, bacteria or skin cell production. The good news is these are relatively easy to treat in comparison to inflammatory acne categories.

What’s the difference between inflammatory and non inflammatory acne?

As the name suggests, the main difference between these groups is the severity in inflammation. Non-inflammatory acne are typically clogged pores where there are less acne causing bacteria thriving below the surface.

Inflammatory acne is made up of clogged pores that have become infected with bacteria below the surface. The inflammation is caused by a response from your immune system, when the body is perceiving the acne causing bacteria as a threat. When the pores become inflamed, the area become red and starts to swell. People with non-inflammatory acne don’t experience this same immune response, so rarely see swelling or redness with breakouts.

Anastasia, 14 years old, was part of our sample group that trialled our acne hack cream prior to our launch.

Anastasia suffered from very mild acne, sitting within the non-inflammatory acne category. As you can see from her before image, she suffered from small bumps mainly located on her forehead, with slight redness but minimal swelling.

Anastasia saw large improvement with her breakouts over a period of 6 weeks, applying the cream once a day at night before bed. Paired with a regular cleansing routine, Anastasia was stoked with her fast results!


“My overall experience with tbh skincare cream was amazing, I love it so much. I used this cream every night before I went to bed and it really helped clear up my skin. Within the first week of using the cream I could already see amazing results”.

If you’re in this category we suggest our cleansing kit to help unclog pores and get a deep cleanse. If you’re like Anastasia and you experience more frequent breakouts, you can also pair this with our acne hack cream to really fight off that acne causing bacteria before your skin becomes inflamed.