So, it’s the night before a big event and like clockwork, your skin is sabotaging you with pimples left, right and centre, making you resort to Googling how to get rid of them well into the late hours of the night.

But with much experience in this sector, means we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to breaking out before an event.

Spot treatment 

🚨Call in the spot treatment🚨

And let this be a preface that spot treatment does NOT include toothpaste, which I am sure you have desperately tried at some point in your life.

A spot treatment such as our acne hack cream is the perfect product to have on standby in times like this!

Our acne hack cream has been formulated by a medical research and development company who specialise in creating technology to break down what is known as ‘biofilm’. Biofilms are basically colonies of bacteria, protected by a very hard to break through layer called EPS. Most products cannot target bacteria that live within these structures. The patented technology in our acne hack cream does JUST that!

Meaningggg… that it instantly calms the redness and reduces the life of a pimple. It also prevents future pesky breakouts from occurring. 

Pimple patches

We’re not surprised patch rhymes with match because that’s exactly what it is a match made in heaven for pimples, especially white heads! 

Pimple patches work by absorbing any drainage from the pimple and covering the wound to prevent further trauma to the site, caused external irritants including those hands of yours!

Hydrocolloid patches absorb pus and oil leaving you with a flatter, less inflamed spot.


When Jas from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging said to Georgia ‘am I Zitney Spears or what’ whilst holding a ice cube on her pimple I have never related more…

As your pimple grows more inflamed and swollen by the minute, automatically you think of an extinguisher and that’s exactly what ice is. Although it won’t completely put the fire some ice ice baby can be a temporary fix which if I am assuming correct, you won’t stop at anything to be rid of this pimple before the event you have tonight… 

Wrap an ice cube in a washer and hold it to the pimple for a few minutes, removing for 15-second breaks, this will help lessen the inflammation and reduce its size from once feeling like the size of a basketball…Just don’t expect it to vanish completely!


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