*Cue 'I can hear the bells' from Hairspray*

As soon as the engagement bliss has passed, and you are finished taking photos of your ring from all possible angles, it's time to get down to business… 

We mean prepping your skin, hair, nails, teeth, beauty regime, health and the list goes on! 

Although these may seem like ‘last minute’ tasks, I can assure you they are FAR FAR from it and in reality, take a small village to achieve.

The founder of tbh Skincare, Rach, spills all the deets on her own beauty prep in the lead up to her wedding, from when she started to 'prep', what she did first, her skincare routine leading up to the big day to how much she has spent...

How far out from your wedding did you start ‘prepping’ your skin? 

As soon I got engaged I started prepping in some way haha! In terms of my wedding skincare timeline, I definitely started paying extra attention to my skin 12 months out from the wedding, especially the texture of my skin. I was super lucky that this was through the development process of our rebound barrier support serum, so I was able to use the samples of that 6 months before it actually launched. This totally changed my skin for the better and my number one skincare tip for brides would be to find an everyday supportive serum like this and stick to using it, your skin will love you for it.  

I also incorporated an eye cream into my routine to help with dark circles, bags and fine lines because I knew I would have to be using this for a while for it to really have a proper impact. You definitely can't start your bridal skincare a few weeks out from the wedding, it has to be something you set yourself up with quite early on!

What were some of the first things you looked to do beauty wise in the lead up to your wedding?

The first thing I actually chose to address was my teeth… I was actually already in conversations with my orthodontist about an Invisalign treatment, but after I got engaged I bit the bullet and decided to straighten my top front teeth. It was only a 7 week process for me because I have had braces before and it was only a small fix. When you are engaged and preparing for your wedding day you still have so many events like your bridal shower, engagement party and hens that you need to get ready for, so it makes sense to start these things as early as possible.  

In terms of my hair, I was limited with how early I could start my 'prep' for the wedding because I went into a 5 month lockdown in Sydney! I was a red head at the time, and I wanted to go back to my blonde for the wedding. I was harassing my hair dresser in lockdown to make sure I had the first possible appointment for when we were allowed to come out! So I ended up only having 6 months to get my hair from red back to blonde before the wedding. Luckily my hair took pretty well to the dye the first time round, and then I just had to order some clip in extensions for the day to thicken it out and provide some extra length and make it look healthy…the bleach has gotten to it a little! I started using K18 as well, which is an amazing hair treatment (although quite pricey). 

About 7 weeks out from the wedding I also visited the doctor that I go to for injectables. I've been treating my frown line with botox for the last few years and went in for a final treatment before the wedding. I find 7 weeks prior was pretty good timing… enough time for it to kick in and not too far out that it is still fresh on the day. This isn't something I would necessarily recommend, it was something I was already doing so I just had my top up done in the lead up to the big day. I definitely wouldn't recommend trying anything new, especially with injectables this close to the day. If you want to try out injectables for the first time before your wedding, I would recommend going as early as possible and then getting it topped up if you are happy with it around 2 months before the big day. 

What has your skincare routine been like in the final months leading up to the wedding? 

My wedding skincare prep has involved using the products that I know work for my skin. I really wanted to try and fit in skin needling treatments for some of my acne scarring, but I really didn't have the time (or the extra money) to get this done. 

My skincare routine has been… 


  • Cleanse with the tbh Skincare anti-bacterial cleanser
  • Hydrate with the tbh Skincare rebound serum 
  • SPF with the tbh Skincare skin shady 50+ 

(TRUST, it is all tbh products... I swear that is all I use) 

Night time:

  • Remove makeup with the Clinique 'Take the Day Off' cleansing balm
  • Cleanse with the tbh Skincare anti-bacterial cleanser
  • Treat my spots with the tbh Skincare acne hack cream (if needed) 
  • Hydrate with the tbh Skincare rebound serum 
  • Eye cream with the Olay Retinol 24 Night Eye Cream
  • Moisturise with the tbh Skincare thirst trap moisturiser 

My skincare advice to brides would be to find a routine like this that works for your skin and stick to it! You don't want to be adding in new products last minute hoping for changes in your skin. One, your skin might have an adverse reaction to them, and two, you won't see the results if you are only using the products for a few weeks. 

I will keep this skincare routine all the way through to the big day, including the week of the wedding!  

How much do you think you have spent on beauty treatments to get yourself ready for the wedding?

I have spent a lot, but honestly, I think I could have spent more had I been going for clinic treatments, such as laser, LED, or skin needling treatments. But, adding it up, here is my bill below… 

  1. Hair appointments + extensions for the day - $1,500 (ouch) 
  2. Injectables - $300 
  3. Invisalign treatment - $1,800 (another ouch)
  4. Skincare products - between $300 - $500 (over the period of 12 months) 

So that's a total bill of about $4,000 over 12 months! I guess if people weren't trying to straighten their teeth or dye their hair a totally new colour it would probably come in a lot cheaper than that. I really skimped on the skincare side of things…  I am guessing it would have been closer to $5,000 had I included the clinic treatments I had wanted. Luckily the tbh products worked well enough for me in the lead up to the big day.

What skincare routine are you planning to do the night before your wedding?

Honestly, I think it is less about the night before and more about the 2 weeks leading up to the wedding. I think I will go for a hydrating facial a week out, and then keep everything else the same. I will use the routine listed above as the same skincare routine before the wedding. Using the products you know your skin loves has to be the best pre wedding skincare advice I can offer, although it is a little boring! You don't want to put in all the hard work and then add in something last minute that undoes all of that. Keep it simple.

Something I wish I could have done – if you had anything booked that you were looking forward to and weren’t able to do due to lockdown 

I think if lockdown didn't take up 5 months of my wedding planning then I really would have pursued the in clinic skin treatments. I do know a lot of brides during this time opted to do their bridal skincare at home, purchasing at home facial kits or even things like LED masks whilst they were unable to visit their usual clinics!


We also asked you guys on Instagram what are/were your best tips for prepping your skin before your wedding and this is what you had to say: 

“A laser treatment a month before and a hydrafacial LED the week before”

“Professional treatments, lots of LED if you can and a simple yet effective skincare routine”

“Dermapen/microneedling gives you the best glowwww, also lots of sleep!”

“Lots of hydration”

“Facial 10-14 days out”

“Before your wedding your should be consistent with your routine and don't try anything new”