The world of skincare is a little like online dating: A pretty appearance can draw you in, but that doesn't mean it's going to be as good looking on the inside as it is on the outside ;)

But, that is not the case when it comes to the tbh range. Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging, these products are just as smart as they are good looking! 

This is particularly true when it comes to our latest release, rebound. Rebound is an all in one hydrating, supporting and calming serum with all of your favourite ingredients - Niacinamide, Panthenol, Ceramides, Oat, Centella, Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid (just to name a few). It’s been created in partnership with the very talented pharmaceutical scientist and beauty influencer, Hannah English, who has been kind enough to not only help us formulate this amazing product, but also answer all of our skin barrier questions below! 

Q: What is a damaged skin barrier? 

A: “Our skin’s job is to keep the environment out and to keep water in, so it’s literally a barrier! If you think about that barrier as a wall made up of bricks and mortar, then a damaged barrier is a crack in the wall. It’s not ideal because when irritating things get further into your skin than they’re meant to, you get angry skin, dryness, all sorts of problems. It’s fundamental to good skin health.”

Q: How do you know if your barrier is damaged?

A: “My best tip is to look out for tightness. If your skin feels tight, trouble is on the way. If the damage is further along, you might feel sensitivity and heat in your skin, it can look red or even swollen, it can feel itchy, it can look flaky, or it can just feel dry. Not all of these happen to everyone, but if you notice a few then it’s best to be extra kind to your skin for a few weeks.”

Q: What are the key ingredients in rebound and what was the reason for putting these in there?

A: “Rebound is all about supporting your skin to its best health, and that means supporting your barrier. If your skin’s barrier is impaired, then breakouts can get worse. We wanted to make Rebound the one serum you can trust when your skin is stressed out, whether that means tightness, breakouts or redness (or the redness that happens after breakouts). 

We’ve included ceramides, cholesterol, and phytosphingosine, all of which are natural components of your skin’s barrier. We’re just helping replenish them.

We also included glycerin, hyaluronic acid, electrolytes, niacinamide (vitamin B3) and panthenol (vitamin B5) as these help hydrate and tell your skin to repair the barrier.

From here, we put my favourite calming ingredients – oat extract, centella, aloe vera, copper peptide, allantoin, and green tea, because who doesn’t love a serum that feels calming on contact.

Green tea and niacinamide are also lovely antioxidants to help protect your skin from environmental stress, so we added caffeine to help with this function, too. 

Altogether we have a serum that hydrates, helps repair, calms, and gives you antioxidant protection. Because who has time for four serums when you can just use one?”

Q: Can I use rebound if my skin isn’t damaged?  

A: “Totally. All skin needs hydration and strengthening, and all skin can benefit from antioxidants. It will take your skin from so-so to glow!”

Q: How long does it take to repair my skin barrier?

A: “Anywhere from 2-12 weeks – these things take time, patience, and consistency.”

Q: Should I keep using rebound even after my skin barrier is repaired?

A: “Absolutely! Prevention is better than cure. Using rebound regularly will support your skin so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.”

Q: Can I incorporate rebound into my morning and night routine? 

A: “Totally. In the morning, your skincare is there to protect you from environmental stress and this means antioxidants (like in Rebound) and sunscreen. I’d cleanse, apply Rebound, then apply sunscreen. At night, you want to take the day off (air pollution, sweat, excess oil, makeup) and help your skin repair and recover from the day. Cleanse first, then apply Rebound, and finish with moisturiser if you need it.”

Q: Who can use rebound?

A: “All skin types, including the most sensitive skin.”

Q: What can’t I use with rebound? 

A: “We don’t recommend using it with Vitamin C, because it can inactivate the copper peptide. It won’t cause any problems, it just means you might not be getting the full benefits of Rebound.”

Q: What’s the difference between rebound and other hydration serums on the market?

A: “A couple things - The message to support and hydrate your skin is often lost when treating breakouts, and I’ve personally been through that mindset of relentlessly attacking my skin with harsh products. We’ve made a hydrating serum that feels super light and so safe for those of us a little scared to moisturise in case it breaks us out. Hydration is important! It supports your skin to heal from breakouts!

During development we found a lot of hydrating serums do only that – hydrate. There was no barrier support, no vitamins, no calming, no antioxidant protection, so we made one with all of this to save you time, and to be the one serum step you can use day in, day out, with all the nutrients you need.”


Here are some of our most recent reviews from customers who have tried rebound…

I bought this because I've found Hannah English's recommendations and content to be thoroughly researched and trustworthy, and the product she has put her name to is no exception. At the time that I started using it, I was still figuring out post-pill skincare and I hadn't anticipated just how much calmer and clearer this would make my skin - I could feel the difference immediately and I could see it shortly after. It's a new staple.” - Carly M

“I have oily, acne-prone skin. I am also a nurse suffering from PCOS. So combining all these factors, imagine my current struggle with hormonal + mask acne! Normally I would just go back to the basics—cleanser, moisturiser, and SPF (& ignore serums & other actives). But lo and behold, Tbh x Hannah English came up with a calming and hydrating serum… ordered this as soon as it launched. Been using this for nearly a month now and I can definitely tell that my skin loves it!!! Hasn’t worsened my breakouts but actually calmed redness and irritation. Also love the cute packaging! Gotta stock up now…” - Brie

“My sensitive skin loves this! Calming, relieving... will be repurchasing and ensuring I always have a back up bottle as well.” - Lauren W

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