Waking up to find you’ve got a fresh new pimple is the worst way to start your day, especially when it's right there on your lip! Before you spin yourself out and stay locked in your room until it heals… we've all been there and besties, don’t stress, we've got all the answers, tips and tricks for you!

Firstly, let's make sure we aren't dealing with a cold sore as often we can get them mixed up with a lip pimple. 

Cold sores usually start as a burning sensation around the mouth area before you can visibly see it and they usually look like a group of blisters or scabs. If this continues on the same spot and scabs for 4-5 days, we’ve more than likely got a cold sore on our hands and it would be best to seek medical advice from your doctor. If not, let's get down to business with this lip pimple!

Breakouts that appear around or on the lip can tend to be quite painful as the skin is thinner and there are numerous nerve endings on the lips surface, making it quite sensitive. Pimples in this area can also be quite common! On the daily we are eating, applying lip balm or lipstick or wiping our mouths. This can cause bacteria to sit on the area and cause inflammation or blockages of pores. 

Just like most pimples we get, stress and hormonal changes also plays a role *sigh* SO during those extra stressful, busy times of the year like the lead up to Christmas or crazy exam periods we need to be taking extra care of our skin. 

Now let's get this lip pimple gone and have you feeling 110% for your weekend festivities...

I know as soon as you look in the mirror and see the little rascal sitting there, your first instinct is to attack, we’ve all been there and trust me, from personal experience this is the LAST thing you're going to want to do. Poking and prodding at any pimple just makes it 10x worse and when it's on your lip this is definitely not ideal. 

Instead of preparing the troops for war, take a step back and grab a gentle cleanser and softly wash your face to get rid of any bacteria that may be lingering around the area or anywhere else on your face. Apply a warm compress for roughly 10-15 minutes followed by a topical acne treatment to the affected area. I then suggest a pimple patch to make sure you keep your hands AWAY from the spot, as I know you'll be tempted!!!

And there we have it, a foolproof plan to get rid of your lip pimple and reduce that painful swelling in no time.