When I was 13 years old I went to the GP with my first symptoms of acne. I was recommended minomycin, which is a type of antibiotic. Trusting in the expertise of my GP I gladly accepted the prescription and started the oral treatment. It helped! I saw significant improvements in my breakouts…

A year and a bit on, just before I turned 15 I was getting heavy periods that lasted about 7 days, every 2 weeks. I was anaemic (low in iron) and needed to regulate my periods. I went back to the same local GP, who recommended I start the contraceptive pill. Not only would this regulate my periods, but it would also clear my skin!

2 months after starting the contraceptive pill I had gained 10 kilos, and broke out in what was this time severe acne all over my face and back. I didn’t even recognise myself. I lost all my confidence, and within a matter of months I was a completely different person. 

Over the next few months I was put on a stronger pill, and sent to a dietician to try and control the weight gain. My skin didn’t respond well to the new pills and eventually, the GP gave me back the antibiotic prescription to get my skin under control. 

I stayed on the contraceptive pill and the antibiotic for the next 7 years following. I eventually stabilised on the pill, managing to get on top of some of the weight gain, and the antibiotics did a good job at keeping my breakouts at bay. 

At the start of 2019, I went to a dermatologist for a skin cancer check. After asking me what regular medications I was on, she asked, how long have you been taking the antibiotic? She immediately advised me to stop the antibiotic (as it isn’t healthy to be taking long term) and then suggested I switch to roaccutane, a well known oral treatment for acne. 

At this point I no longer trusted what the health care professionals told me and I wasn’t willing to endure the side effects of the oral treatments after my experience with the pill. Coming to a compromise she prescribed me a topical form of roaccutane which she said should work to treat my breakouts. I used this cream for 6 months, seeing minimal improvement whilst my skin started to flake, crack and completely dry out. I was frustrated to say the least! How was I 22 and still suffering from acne?

It was fate that introduced me to what is now the tbh acne hack cream. In September of 2019, I apprehensively started the acne treatment, and although I was skeptical to start, after reading up on the science I was pretty confident in the results to come.

Starting the treatment in a very stressful period of my life, my skin was worse than it had been in a very long time. I saw results immediately, however in the first few weeks of treatment, I noticed my skin would be up and down (very much linked to my levels of stress/anxiety). I decided to pair the treatment with a little bit of self love! I took up yoga, I started meditating and I went and saw a kinesiologist to resolve some personal challenges I was facing at the time. 100 days later, the treatment completely cleared my skin, and not only that, I was mentally stronger than ever. 

I decided that I wanted to bring this treatment into the hands of the consumers that needed it most.  I also wanted to create a brand in skincare that was relatable and REAL! I found there were way too many overly aesthetic brands that didn’t treat this condition with the respect or sensitivity it deserved. And as a result tbh was born! 

tbh’s acne hack cream is formulated with a patented technology that effectively kills acne causing bacteria in your skin. To read up more on the insane science behind this product click here

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