Unfollow anyone on social media (and in real life) who does not make you feel empowered, informed or inspired. 

How many times has your social media feed left you feeling plain average? It is so important to intentionally surround yourself with people and messages that are going to uplift and empower you. 

There are so many amazing accounts out there that I have found during my own skin journey who keep the conversation around acne and skin positivity REAL. These accounts have helped support me and encouraged me to be kinder to myself. It’s time to stop comparing yourself to the overly edited highlight reel of everyone else’s instagram accounts!

These are my top 10 suggestions for accounts you can follow to get some authentic #skinpositive content on your feed....





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🗯”Ugh, why would you PROMOTE acne?”🗯 . Another day, another comment from someone trying to challenge acne representation. Am I promoting acne? Short answer: No, absolutely not. If you think by showing my skin unapologetically is promoting others to “get” acne, then you have failed to see the point. That’s you partaking in the narrative that acne should be hidden, a narrative that is causing those affected (just about hundreds of millions accross the globe FYI) to feel like absolute shit. . I and others that are shedding a light on their “imperfect” skin are simply promoting visibility and inclusivity. I for one am just asking for a wider range of skin to be represented in a positive or simply just neutral context so that people can feel better about themselves, period. . To claim that people are promoting acne is not only to highly disregard what people within the movement are doing through their work (which is far more complex than just saying that everyone should get acne) but you are also subliminally saying that we don’t belong in that context, saying that we should simply stay hidden. That we should get out of sight, that we aren’t worthy. . But you know what, representation matters. Skin comes in all colors, textures and conditions. You can love and accept with acne. And I won’t hide for anybody anymore🕊 . #skinneutrality #acnepositivity #skinpositivity #acne #acnescars #acnecommunity #skinpositive #acnepositive #effyourbeautystandards #representationmatters

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Unpopular opinion: Smoothed out skin is unattractive AF 🌸✨ . . Not only do blurred faces look funny, it’s also so incredibly obvious they are edited. No face is poreless. Call me crazy but I think real skin is sexy. It’s real, it’s authentic. It’s beautiful. . . I didn’t always think like that. I used to heavily edit and filter my photos too. Once I stopped, I began to finally see my own beauty, even with all my flaws. . . Filters are a danger to our self esteem. I’m talking about those beauty filters that smooth your skin, make your eyes/lips bigger, give you fake lashes etc. it’s all fun and games until you wish you looked like your filters in real life and unfortunately there is a new plastic surgery trend where people want just that. . . . PSA: you guys are beautiful just as you are!! 🌸✨ . . How do you feel about photoshop and beauty filters? . . . #instagramvsreality #photoshop #facetune #skinpositivity #beautyfilters #acnecommunity #realskin #imsofuckingsickandtiredofthephotoshop #acne #normalizerealskin #normalizeacne #selflove #selfacceptance #beautifulinmyskin #nofilterneeded #curlygirlmethod #curlyhair #wavyhair #naturalhair #blonde #longhairdocare

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RULES OF SELF-LOVE Rule #1 Put yourself first! You are an amazing person, and you only have one life being the YOU you are now. So you need to learn that you come first. Of course you should still be a kind and helping person but if you feel like everything is overwhelming then you need to remember that you come first. After you helped yourself you can go help others. Rule #2 Stop comparing! Society teaches us many times to compare ourselves with others. And yes in some points it is quite helpful to compare yourself with others - p.e. to get motivated to do something that isn’t really „your“ thing. But at some point we should stop comparing - because every human is different and in its own way wonderful!! Rule #3 Focus on your strengths! Just think about it for one minute, what are your strengths? I‘m sure you will think of a few things immediately! 😉☺️ So if you feel sad, just think about these and you will begin to smile again - cause you will recognize that you are Beautiful!!! Rule #4 Do stuff that makes you happy! If you surround yourself with beautiful people and start doing things you really love - you‘ll get such a positive attitude and you will feel fine immediately!! Rule #5 Dream a new dream! #selflove #acne #akne #selbstliebe #skinpositivity #skin #positivevibes #pimples #acnepositivity #rosacea #thoughts #acnecommunity

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Reason you think that person is staring at you: . 😣They’re looking at your skin and think you’re super gross and ugly. . Other reasons that person could be staring at you: . 👗 They like your dress. 🥰They think you’re pretty. 🧐You look like their cousin Becky. 💅🏻They’re wondering where you got your nails done. 👈🏻They’re looking at something/someone that’s behind you or next to you. 😴They’re currently zoning out and not looking at anything. 🤤They’re wondering if they should come over to talk to you. 💁🏻‍♀️They want to know how in the fuck your hair is so shiny. 👜 They like your purse and wonder where you got it and if they should come over and ask. 😍They think you have the prettiest eyes. 🍑You have a great butt. . THE POINT IS: 👇🏻 It doesn’t matter WHY someone is looking at you, your story around it matters. What’s yours? _________________________________________________________ #selfloveclub #selfconfidenceissexy #selfconfidenceiskey #confidencecrusader #inspiringconfidence #strongisthenewbeautiful #supportandlove #mindsetshift #effyourbeautystandards #comfortableinmyownskin #celebrateyourself #embraceyourvulnerabilities #comfortableinmyskin #acnesolution #acnescarsremoval #acnecoverage #acnecare #acnetreatments #acneaid #acneproneskincare #acneproblem #pimplefree #blemishfree #skinpositivity

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attitude! attitude isn’t listed as one of the supplements for overcoming acne, but i definitely think it’s part of the cure. my skin has been doing really well lately and i think it’s because i’ve worked really hard on my attitude - particularly about my appearance - this summer. i’m a struggling college student, i already have enough stresses and worries to deal with, and i really don’t want my skin to be one of them. i thought that meant i needed to find a cure for my skin before i could move on, but maybe it means i need to move on from worrying about the perfect cure for my acne and just enjoy my life. and oddly enough, my skin seems to be getting the memo. as cheesy as it is to say, my skin has improved dramatically since i started this page and i’ve seen my feed flooded with positive reminders, helpful advice, and so many people who are happy about the skin they’re in. i’m not worried if my improvement isn’t linear from here on out. my skin might be better, but it isn’t perfect now, and that’s okay! i’ve undergone an attitude change, which doesn’t guarantee a cure for my skin, but it guarantees a cure for my confidence 💞 ———————————————— #acne #skinpositivity #skincare #skin #acnetreatment #cysticacne #severeacne #skintreatment #bodypositive

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Go ahead, BLOSSOM. 🌺 Step into the sun and let your colors shine. Do you. Be you. Stay true. It’s taken me a long time to embrace my bare face - I’ve have my days - I’ve navigated different seasons. Fact: I am most excited for this season of my life. Why? I’m unapologetically me - spots & all. I chose to blossom, and in turn, the Universe has provided the most brilliant sun for me to grow in love. 🌞 I woke up like THIS - and I’m feeling light & bright today. I almost thought it was Spring on the East Coast, until I stepped outside. How will you blossom in this season? . . . #freethepimple #naturalskincare #skinpositivity #acnepositivity #acne #acneawareness #acnejourney #acnecommunity #skinhealth #skinlove #skinpositivity #acneproneskin #normalizeacne #skinneutrality #skinpositive #selfacceptance #selflove #acneproblems #cysticacne #effyourbeautystandards #selfconfidence #confidentwomen #strongwoman #selfloveclub #nomakeup #bareface #skinconfidene #positivevibes #acnetreatment #acnescarring

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Give yourself the permission to unfollow any accounts on social media that don’t make you feel good about yourself. Surround yourself with positivity and good vibes and go follow these accounts!

If you have your own skin story we would love for you to share it with us. Tag or DM us on instagram @tbhskincare_ and use the hashtag #tbhskinstory